The Contribution of Female Representation in Fantastic Genre Succession

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Zahide Gürbüz


Translated into no less than 67 languages, including Latin and Breton, and also suitable for cinema and video games, for over twenty years, Harry Potter has been omnipresent, with 450 million copies, worldwide . The case of The Lord of the Rings and Twilight is no different. It is certain that the fantastic genre benefits from a growing interest. In order to understand this genre, it would be useful to be able to define the word "fantastic" where the imagination combines with the conserved ideas of simple objects, not according to their real relationships which form existing beings, but in their possible relationships or supposed such, absent, or chimerical, or even fantastic and contradictory beings. So the fantastic genre is characterized by the intrusion of the supernatural into the realistic, coherent and normalized setting of a story. In addition, it marks a craze for excess, in feelings or nature, with stereotypical decorations. The objective that we set for ourselves within the framework of this text is to try to understand the importance female representation in genres of novels. It would be mainly interesting to emphasize that the representation of women as heroin is crucial for the success of the fantasy genre, regarding the identification of the reader with the female character.


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