A Posthumanist Approach to the Evil Life is Strange

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Tan Arda Gedik


Life is Strange (LiS) is an episodic game that was first released in 2015 by DontNod Games. The game guides the players through the young protagonist’s – Max Caulfield—life as she discovers her rewind power. At first glance, players are deceived by the mellow teenage drama until the game introduces an interactive storyline. Every time the player is asked to make a decision, the game indicates there will be consequences. The game makes frequent references to Chaos Theory and demonstrates how this butterfly effect can grow into a pile of unexpected outcomes. As Max slowly explores her strange powers, the players set off on a quest to resolve multiple issues throughout the game, such as investigating the case of a missing girl, helping out a suicidal friend, and reuniting with her old best friend, Chloe Price. Each time Max rewinds time, she creates alternate realities that mess up with their reality, leaving holes in the time-space continuum. In the end, Max is left alone to decide who gets to live and die in the face of a tornado, which is portrayed as a consequence of Max’s rewind powers in the game. This paper examines Max’s as the evil from a posthumanist point-of-view. The following section focuses on the posthumanist approach used in this paper.


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