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Gamze Şenol


Once upon a time,

There was a family who lived all the time in a manor. They were so rich. They

would buy whatever they wanted. They were five in number. Mother, who was

called Melda, was very beautiful woman. She was a lawyer who investigated

crimes. She would go every area of the country. She would try to find

murderers. Father, who was called İsmail, was a secret MIT agent. He would

research what people do and he would listen to criminal people. Their son, who

was called Yusuf, was an instructor in a university. Their young daughter, who

was called Sude, was a singer in a music club. Their old daughter, who was

called Merve, had no work. All the time she was at home and she would not go

anywhere. She would not be able to go out of home.

One day, they had a breakfast all together. Everybody was going to go to work.

Suddenly, Merve wanted to go outside, too. Everybody was amazed and

became glad. After Melda gathered around the breakfast table, they went

outside and got on their car. There was so much traffic in the way. Suddenly,

the way became empty and İsmail drove the car speedily. Although his wife

said: “Do not use the car so speedily” , he did not listen her and he continued

to drive. Children were getting scared, too but everything was getting well. The

way was not so crowded.

Out of blue, cars seemed in the way and they were coming towards İsmail’s

car. He did not see them and the inevitable occurred - a serious accident- . They

crashed each other. There became a big explosion. Everyone was scattered

around. Nobody could escape from the cars. They died. In the car of this family,

everybody was injured except for Merve. She had no injury. She was very

healthy. She did not do anything in order to save them. She lost suddenly and

her family stayed there. After two hours, while a car was passing from that

way, someone saw them and came near them. He called ambulance quickly

and waited for them until ambulance came. After half an hour, ambulance

came and carried them off to the hospital. It was not still being known where

Merve was. Her parents, brother and sister got conscious after twelve hours.

They were asking doctors where Merve was. When Melda heard Merve was

lost, she fainted. Police and soldiers were searching for Merve. Nobody could

find her. Actually nobody thought that she could be at home. Suddenly Yusuf

thought that she could be at home and he went home. Merve was at home. He

became so happy when he saw her. He ran to hug Merve but Merve was not

moving. She was neither laughing nor crying. Yusuf could not understand what

happened to her. While he was trying to talk to Merve, their parents and sisters


They scared when they saw Merve at that situation. Merve was not being able

to spill her guts. She was not being able to speak. Suddenly, she started to cry.

She slept while she was crying. The other people slept, as well.

At midnight, Merve woke up and she went to the kitchen. She took the lighter

and fired the carpet. After she fired, she immediately went to her room and

slept. While she was sleeping, Yusuf woke up and smelled an eccentric scent.

There was a mist scent. He woke up quickly and woke his parents and sisters

  1. The house was on fire. Merve was very calm. She was not worried at all.

They went out quickly and ran away from there. Firemen came here and they

tried to put out that fire. They worked so much and finally, they put out.

Everything was burnt. They had no beverage. They had no dress. Fortunately,

İsmail had money and they stayed in a hotel one day. After that, they rented a

house which had furniture. They bought beverage, something and they started

to live there. Merve was not at home again. She went to   cemetery without

willing. She found herself while she was hugging a tomb. She could not

understand why she was doing this. She got up and ran towards home. She

went out her room running and slept quickly. When her family asked what

happened, she could not answer again. She did not talk to anybody. Her sister

and brother got scared of Merve. They did not want to be together with her.

After everybody slept, Merve went to the kitchen again. At that time, she

opened gases and she sat there. Scent of gas spread everywhere. Everybody

woke up and escaped outside. They got amazed again and again.

Unfortunately, they moved from this home, too. Finally, İsmail bought a house.

They were going to live there for good. At that home, everybody had a room

but the biggest room belonged to Merve. She put nothing inside. She only put

her dresses.

At midnight, she went to the cemetery again. After that she got lost since

then. Everybody went to search Merve but nobody could find her. While they

were searching for Merve, they saw a grave which had been opened. They

were scared so much. What is more, there was not a corpse in grave. Merve

was not here, either. They got scared much more. Nobody was searching for

Merve anymore. After twenty four hours, she came home by herself. She was

injured so much. Her face was in blood. Melda immediately took her inside

home. She carried Merve off to her own room. She slept there after she took

her drugs. Her mother waited next to her until the midnight. After that Melda

went her bedroom and she slept. After she went, Merve woke up again but this

time, she did not go to cemetery before. She started to cry very loudly.

Actually, she was not crying really. She was doing this so as to call her mother.

When Melda heard Merve’s voice, she went Merve’s room bu she could not

see her. Merve was at her back. Suddenly, she shot her with a bowl and her

mother fainted. Merve carried her to the cemetery. After that, she came home

back and she started to call her father. İsmail came next to his daughter quickly

but Merve was not here again. She shot her father with a gun. She cut her

father’s cheeks with a knife. After that, she carried him off to the cemetery. She

buried her father and mother in some grave which had been digged. While she

was laughing, she closed them with soil. After she did this, she dig a grave more

for herself. She entered the tomb and she cut her own fingers with knife but

she was not crying. She was laughing. After she cut her fingers, she shot herself

with a gun. She laughed even while she was dying. She died laughing with a

loud voice.


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