Heroines of the American Revolution

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Sayime Gerengi


The American Revolution is the product of a collective struggle. Although it is mostly seen as a victory won by men by fighting, women's role in this struggle is just as important and effective. Women are the hidden heroines of this revolution. The apparent effects of the increase in taxes have affected women's daily and family lives. Women's organizations such as the Daughters of Liberty and Ladies of Philadelphia begin to form and support this revolution. Through these organizations, women try to help the soldiers fighting at the front by collecting money and food. In addition, there are also women who fight in the front by dressing like men and help by spying. Women, like Molly Pitcher, who secretly joins the military are an indication that the revolution is for both sexes. Women, from the oldest to the youngest who fight for their rights with all kinds of force have become symbols. With their boycott of British products, voluntary nursing, and support, they are the heroines of this revolution.


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