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Cemal Can Özmumcu


I am drifting aware
To a situation don’t know end up where
Being constantly pulled from reality
Lost, lost and sucked into infirmity
Ceaseless hurricane of thoughts
Every time interrogating my whereabouts
Wrongs and sins play deadly with passion
I am at a constant war with compassion
My throat is knitted full of dilemma
My brain's eating my heart in this incessant drama!
Days of yore iterate to ear the ultimate end
Need to find a way from my absolute descent!
This prophet crawls and hurls at fate
This comet brawls and whirls at gate
This dread drawls and unfurls with hate
Deceive at false amends, at dawn I eliminate!


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Özmumcu, C. 2019. RHYME OF CONFUSION. Journal of English Language and Literature Club. 1, 1 (Jan. 2019), 68.