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Beyza Tosun


There are many kinds of spoken languages in the world. Some of these languages are known by everyone, but some have begun to be forgotten or even forgotten. The very oldest communication tool, language, its oldest varieties, its origins have already been wiped out today. But, is it possible to save a language that is about to be forgotten when it is not possible to save a language that has already been forgotten? Should we preserve endangered  languages? Some people claim that language is always changing and it is not possible for a language to have the same effect forever. This approach may be true, but it is not correct behaviour that do not care about saying that a language is already forgotten. At the same time, some people believe that a language reflects the culture of a society and therefore, to forget a language means to forget its culture.

With the developing technology, the developing commercial intelligence among people and the machine powers that replace human power, the language has constantly improved and changed. This, over time, evolving world of new languages to replace the old languages has led to be more active. But, it does not mean that we must forget the other old languages. At least, we can try to understand these old words, and what people said in there and how they created these symbols to communicate with each other. Each symbols, each words can be different meanings and this makes us to see how they communicated with these languages. Trying to protect their languages is also preserving their cultures and these languages show us their cultures and social experiences. This helps us to recognize the old societies. We should not forget the fact that “One language is one person”. The more languages we know, the more we are, and this makes us a very socially, multicultural individual. The death of a language means the death of a culture, so it is very important that individuals strive to make sure each languages are not forgotten. For example, a family from a different society, go to a different place and speak their own language instead of spoken language in there, it ensures that their own language is accepted, which prevents a language from dying. Thus, every individual keeps alive their own language and culture, which greatly prevents from a language being in danger.

Some scientists state that a language is alive as long as it is spoken. However, it does not mean that language is not in danger. Not only talking, but also making sure that language is not forgotten is also a sign that the language is to remain alive. For all these reasons, saving that language means also keeping that language alive. A language should not be forgotten just like not to forget our favourite belongings in somewhere.


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