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Muharrem Muzir


War is the top subject over other subjects; its name is beginning to be mentioned often on newspapers, books and on TV.

Well, why did war become so widespread and why do people regard war as the first solution instead of searching for another solution like speech, or bilateral negotiations.

This looks like breaking a door by force, which is not open for you. War is the huge construction (megastruction) that people built over the many massacred innocent peoples’ life to reach their aims and make their dreams come true.

War is the struggle in which people fight with themselves. It is the human who crushed and being crushed shortly. When I heard this catchphrase on TV channels, it affected me so much.

The reason people apply war is that war is the shortest and most effective way for countries to reach their aims. War is like a person   leading   a disturbance by going to the party although He is not invited or it is like to destroy the obstacle standing on your way when someone does not open the door. War is like a mass being far from the concepts such as Mercy, Humanity, and Freedom but one concept is used for both side. The side initiating the war and the Side being the victim of war. This concept is future.

The future in which Dreams collapsed and the future in which Dreams began to developed.

When we say home, we can simulate home as Middle East countries where Victim of war is.

Dramatically nearly more than eighty percent of these countries live their fate under the control of any other countries.

They wake up by bombs falling on their homes. They cannot go out and stroll freely by spreading their arms. The poor infants learn the words like war, survive, and fate before the words like mother or father. They watch each other’s death painfully as lively.

They are just like a gazelle trying to survive by escaping from the lion.

They have already forget the phase like childhood or youth in their life.

They live each day with a horror like one of their family member pass away

The roles are changing in the countries man becomes woman and woman becomes man; we can see this example in the book of Deborah Ellis Breadwinner. I read the book at the age of 17. They fight with the decayed system restricting them inside their country.

A few people living in these countries materialize their dreams but under the name of different flags and under the name of other nations in hard conditions.

Countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somali, Kirghizstan. In Balkans Bosnia-Herzegovina where Srebrenica Genocide occurred and numerous people are killed savagely and raped Azerbaijan. In Caucasus also where Khojaly massacre occured.

In these countries mother and father bury their children before themselves maybe sometimes they are unable to find shroud for them and their name are not written on their gravestones.

Their babies sleeping in cradles with all his or her innocence die with a stray bullet.

Shortly, if you live in these countries you have to throw a towel for your dreams because your dreams become others’ fact. You watch people reaching their dreams behind the window. If you did not live these, at least show respect the people living in these calamities and show your hospitality to them because they are human like us because no one needs to live these calamities. Empathy is enough.

For parents burying their children before themselves and deprive from many values and women being exposed to rape and violence say zero tolerance for war.


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