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Umut Barutlu


The issue of human rights, equality and freedom has begun when people started with the idea of having property. It goes back far to cavemen who were the first ones with the title owner of something; cave, farms, animals etc. But at that time they had no idea what being an owner means. Even at this moment; the era we are living in, all people are so crazy about owning something. It was okay until we went mad and thought that we could own other people and we created superiority, slavery, subalternity. As Indian Philosopher Gayatri Spivak says in her article “Can subaltern speak?” there is the difference between people; some declares themselves as masters and don’t let subalterns speak for their own sake. This goes against democracy because the idea of democracy stands for having equal rights and having the same quality of life standards. But there are some people who think they are more equal than others, like in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell who claims that some animals like pigs think they are superior to others so they must be more equal in the society, which is the exactly violation of democracy or as we call it showing favor. And these people believe they can run the democracy on their own and can ‘have’ the rest of the world. In literature there are so many examples about these natural rights of human beings but I’m going to tell you the best book about it in my opinion, Lord of The Flies by William Golding. Because this book shows what owning something means in society and what’s the effect of it to equality and human rights when we look at this idea through conch in the book.



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