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Gamze Akgün


Think of a world in which there is no greed, no evil, and no war. Today I will tell you about the world I want to live. First, I would like to point out that I am clearly on my side. I am against bigotry, racism. I am in favor socialism, love, brotherhood and lightness. Not everyone has to love each other, but respect for each other can be added to citizenship rights.

Think of a city that is no money trouble, no business-related, no home maintanence. There must be cities where everyone lives for each other and must be like villages. Everyone must be aware of the importance of natural feeding, clean air, and the factories are wiped out. The soil must breathe. It can show the miracles to the earth in the most natural way. Education is necessary before people can do it. We can teach them not by building stone buildings that we called as schools, but by showing all the trees in all nature, touching the rocks and planting a whole plant. In addition, people who love animal and nature become more conscientious, more respectful and more compassionate.

If you ask about the management of my world, I would like a world, a life ruled by children. Because children's imaginary worlds are so wide that endless projects will emerge. At their simplest, they will produce water guns, not weapons. As a result, instead of that word of war is also a bad experience for humanity, and fear, violence, it will invite only as a water war game.

Mankind will need to be grateful for seeing nature and a world like this. They will think that all these beauties has a creator and they will call divine power. Everyone will enjoy the peace without forcing each other. That is, consequently, I would like to say; my world is the world that we need.


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