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Ebrar Dilara Kaya
Nur Sena Büyükergun
Simay Çetin
Bengisu Yergök


         The society of Dianoia consists of souls, and they do not have shapes so that in this Dianoia, there is no discrimination, racism or something can harm to a personality and emotions between the souls. In Dianoian society, there are no injustice situations and influential contact. The society’s main aim is reaching the true and real virtue in their lives because a soul with virtue comes into prominence with its behaviors. These behaviors observe the harmony of relations. With this way, a soul with virtue finds ground in order. They do not need food, drinks, and urinary system. They feed their souls using dianoetic virtues. There is no sexual intercourse and sexual pleasure. However, because of the balance of the population and to transfer virtues, they just unite their souls. There are no discriminative classes in the Dianoia, but there are certain lifestyles to promote the souls to have virtues. The new souls are considered as a seed stage, when they start to learn the first steps of their education, they reach a gemma stage. Afterward, they have some knowledge about all the types of virtue, they become sapling stage. At the end of their education, when they learn all the virtues and they become a master on a specific moral virtue, they reach the Buttonwood stage.


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